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Vamsi J Krishna of III ECE was selected as Content Management and Interaction Design member(Student Activity Committee) of IEEE Education Society.



The students (Shahid Khan III CSE,S. Akhila ,A.N.V. Nirmala & B. Srujan of III ECE ) of Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology ,Hyderabad have won first prize in PADARTH, an event conducted by the Metallurgical Department of IIT Mumbai on 2nd March 2014 .VBIT was selected as zonal center for conducting preliminary rounds across India during December,2013.Twenty six teams were selected across the country from various zones to participate in the finale held at the campus of IIT Mumbai.

The students have made a setup of different Eco friendly units catering to the need of rural population in India. They built a low cost water filter which recycles the waste water from the village.

The water filter consist of different layer of sponge , sand, activated charcoal and a ultra filtration membrane of 10 NM pore size which does not allow bacteria to pass through it .A low cost bio gas plant designed by the students promises to reduce the construction cost by 1/5th of normal bio gas plant by giving a coating of polyurethane with 6-7 % silica filler to a thickness of 200 micron to the interior of the bio gas plant. The coating has strong thermal stability to with stand high pressure.
As a part of their setup, they also built a single shaft mechanism to generate electricity from speed breaker to light up the street .They also exhibited a low cost u-v insecticide to kill mosquitoes and a low cost air cooler.
The students were awarded a cash prize worth Rs 15000.



All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) has initiated a scheme Employ ability Enhancement Training Program(EETP) to provide competency based employability enhancement skills and hands-on skill training through BSNL Training Centres/Set Ups to the students of various colleges all over India.

From V.B.I.T. two students were selected from ECE on the basis of their academics for this program.
1. Nagarjuna Atluri III-ECE
2. Deepthi Gregory III-ECE


A team of 5 students of VBIT has been shortlisted to attend the Grand Culmination Convention on 2nd October, 2013 at New Delhi. The convention is organized by citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), New Delhi. 1.Shahid Khan-III CSE 2.P.Charishma Reddy-III ECE 3.TVSR Prasad-III ECE 4.Akhila Sriram Setty-III ECE 5.Deepthi Gregory-III ECE

Vamsi Krishna J Of 3rd ECE of IEEE VBIT Student Branch got selected as IEEE Day Brand Ambassador of IEEE Hyderabad Section for the year 2013.




B.SWETHA SAMPATH OF ECE-IV attended 2011 IEEE Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress Auckland,New Zealand as a delegate representing IEEE-HYD SEC(7th to 10th July).





First Prize in State level working model competition (2008)

P.Manasa and N.Sindhuri of ECE Branch(I batch-2004-08) won first prize in SRUJAN-08 ,A State level working model exhibition cum competition organized by ABVP Technical cell at Siddartha College,Vijayawada


First Prize in All India Student Project contest -IEEE (2008)

Mr.Vamshi Krishna of ECE-branch(2004-08) won the First Prize in All India Student Project Contest Organized by IEEE Hyderabad Section.