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Mechanical Career Prospects

Mechanical engineering is the oldest core branch, along with civil department, and its applications are evident in all the engineering sectors. Basically, any non-living moving thing falls into the mechanical department category. Hence, the requirement for mechanical engineers is high, which provides excellent career prospects for these graduates.


There are various kinds of automobiles, and all of them have engines, gear boxes, wheels and axles, and other moving parts. They should be designed, manufactured and maintained according to the requirement by the mechanical engineers. Due to the overwhelming requirement of the automobiles, the mechanical graduates have incredible job offerings in the respective companies.

Aeronautical and space research sectors:

Mechanical engineers are required for creating the aircrafts and spaceships, and working in these sectors provides them with high paying and highly respected job roles.

Medical sector:

The various artificial supporting body parts, like hands, legs, etc, are made with the assistance of the mechanical engineers. Also, constructing different types of medical equipment needs the inputs of these graduates.

Manufacturing sector:

The manufacturing sector needs different types of machines to carry out various processes. These machines should be created and serviced by the mechanical engineers. The requirement is quite huge in this sector, which provides the graduates with huge number of job prospects.

In addition to these sectors, the services of mechanical engineers are much felt in other sectors like water department, mining sector, instrumentation sector, etc.