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Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology – Seminar Halls

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Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology , Hyderabad is having the three seminar halls & one board room for conducting the National & International Seminars & Conferences , Guest Lecturers . These are fully equipped with the eco sound system which are centralized for each one .

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Sadhana – Sumedha (Seminar Halls)

These twin seminar halls are meant for various departmental activities conducted from time to time. Project Seminars, Faculty Presentations and Student Seminars, Mini Project Presentation are a few activities that are conducted in all the departments on a regular basis. These two seminar halls cater to all such stimulating activities conducted in various departments


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Disha – Seminar Hal

Training and Placement Cell, Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship Development Cell conduct various training and awareness development programs from time to time in order to provide right direction for the students in their careers. This hall, , adjacent to the training & placement cell, with a capacity of 150, is equipped with LCD projector, audio-video facilities and a white board for conducting training programs and stimulating discussions.


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Drishti – Board Room

Drishti-The Board Room is an exclusive place where the board members and the college core committee meat for time to time to discuss academic and other matters of day to day importance. This is the place where all the important policy decisions are taken that provide direction to the institute aiding its academic and overall development.