As the educational system is faculty and student centric. It is a duty of every institute to ensure appropriate standards for Teaching and Learning Process. As a part of this process the students are motivated to match their standards to the industrial and societal needs. While the institute puts the students to higher degree of learning through this approach of beyond the text book and the students are guided by providing full freedom to develop the capabilities and qualities in handling several activities viz, IEEE, IETE, IEI, CSI etc.

VBIT follows certain specific approaches by drawing greater opportunity to the students for conducting the seminars, presenting the papers, project developments, development of models etc. As apart of this the 1st year students are encouraged to present papers in some specific forums. Similarly, there are number of forums for the other students to conduct and to participate in seminars at V.B.I.T and outside. V.B.I.T ensures at least one opportunity to every student in a given academic semester.

In this regard the V.B.I.T takes a role model and therefore there is a separate Student Activity Centre at V.B.I.T and handled by the students and it has its own credentials although. In addition to the Student Activity Center the co-curricular activities also take an equally important role at V.B.I.T. Therefore, V.B.I.T has bagged several awards for their students in number of forums at state level and country level.

There are separate clubs for each of these functions and thus provide an excellent opportunity and awareness to every student at V.B.I.T. In a sense V.B.I.T ensures the overall development of the student as above with appropriate standards as per the current market requirements, in addition to the best possible in Teaching and Learning Process.

The following 13 are the activities handled by the students during each semester lonely the Student Activity Centre.

  • Established 13 various forums under SAC in 2006-07 and now increased to 17 forums.
  • Separate Bank Account for each forum
  • Meeting of the student coordinators at the beginning of every Academic year to discuss the plan and budget of the activities during the year

Decentralized Mechanism to nurture the Leadership:

1S.Asish (C)IIIB.TechMEHC
2Shanjer JeeI MBAMBA
3Md. Rehan KhanI MBAMBA
4Rajini KanthII MBAMBA
5T.Surjith KrishnaII MBAMBA
6D.Vanoj KumarII B.TechCIVIL
7T.PraveenIII B.TechECE
8T.Prateek BabuIV B.TechEEE
9B.Ananta RaoIV B.TechEEE
10A.Praveen GoudIII B.TechECE
11M.Ranjith   II B.TechMECH
12K.Ravi TejaIII B.TechECE
13S.Naresh    II B.TechCSE
14B.Rakesh YadavI B.TechCE
15K.Om Prakash ReddyI B.TechCE

Student Council