A perfect team of four young and dynamic people, who are highly qualified, founded Vignana Bharati Institute of Technology in 2004

The visionary founders

Dr N. Goutham Rao, Dr G. Manohar Reddy, Dr K.K.V. Sharma and Mr V. Sanjeeva Reddy, with their missionary zeal have successfully transformed VBIT into a model Technical Institution.

The meticulous planning and great care taken by the management to impart high quality education and the concern for the welfare of every student, have impressed the Osmania University authorities to select HRD College as a Member of The Council of Affiliated Colleges.

This and the 2500 and odd student enrolment and over 260 members of the staff list stand testimony to the efficient manner in which the management has been running the Institute.

The management aims to make the college grow into an ideal center of excellence and develop it to the level of a mini-University.

Educational systems change according to the current and future needs of the society. The intellectuals of the society have to study the societal needs, research trends, technological inventions, basic intellectual levels of the society etc. on a continuous basis to identify the dynamics or the variables of the society while keeping the backbone in the place and to work for development of the society for the future. Some of these actions are determined taking the global system in view as the physical boundaries are not the limitations for the development.

A good teacher can change even the bad student as per our ancient saying. Keeping this in view, a few professors and researchers from Osmania University joined hands to inspire educational institutes to contribute to the societal development.

After starting a couple of Arts & Science institutions and acquiring the skills to handle the dynamics related to running an institute and as an addendum to their research and teaching strengths, the team concentrated on serving the society through engineering education too resulting in the establishment of VBIT.

As the engineering education provides the students the necessary strengths to build the infrastructure, the team has established enough links with the industries, research organizations, and academic institutions to lead V.B.I.T to realize their vision.

Therefore the system at VBIT aims to provide lab oriented education in engineering, to enable the students acquire the necessary skills so that they can work directly at the industry anywhere on the globe. VBIT is also working on this, on a continuous basis for the continued improvements every semester. But this is a demanding task as updating the faculty to such skills, retaining such faculty for longer periods with the constraints fixed by the political system of the nation. Still, successfully overcoming these challenges, VBIT is forging ahead with improvements every year to achieve this mission.